Tooth Whitening

We prefer to use the ‘at-home‘ whitening procedure.

Impressions of your teeth are used to produce models on which precise fitting trays are made.

These trays are used to hold the whitening agent, provided by us, in close contact with the teeth.

Tooth Whitening FAQ

For how long should I use the tooth whitening trays?

We suggest two sessions of one hour each per day. Most patients find that it takes about two weeks for the whitening to reach the level they desire.

Are there any dietary restrictions while I am whitening my teeth?

It is extremely important that during the time you are whitening your teeth you don’t eat or drink highly pigmented foods. Examples of the sorts of foods to avoid are tea, coffee, coloured soft drinks and cordials (lemonade and mineral water are fine), tomato sauce, pasta sauces, curries, beetroot, etc. A good rule of thumb is that if it might stain your white T-shirt then don’t eat or drink it.

I have one dark tooth. Can tooth whitening help?

In some cases where a single tooth has discoloured and a root canal therapy has been performed the tooth can be bleached using a “walking bleach“. Bleaching agents are placed into the chamber in the tooth and sealed in with a temporary filling.

Once the tooth has lightened to a satisfactory colour the bleaching agent is removed and a permanent filling placed to seal the tooth.

Do I need to do anything special before tooth whitening?

It is important that you don’t have any decayed teeth or leaking fillings when doing tooth whitening.

We always do a full dental exam and treat any problems before starting tooth whitening

Why don’t you do tooth whitening in the dental surgery?

‘In-chair’ tooth whitening is very efficient but often too efficient.  Stronger tooth whitening chemicals are used and heat is applied (usually in the form of a light or laser) to speed up the chemical reactions.   This method of tooth whitening often leads to extreme tooth sensitivity.  While the sensitivity does usually settle after a few days, it can be extremely unpleasant.

“At Home” tooth whitening with trays puts the patient in control.  If you find that even the at-home tooth whitening is starting to cause some sensitivity, you can reduce the length and/or frequency of wearing the tooth whitening trays.  It might take a little longer to reach the desired degree of tooth whitening, but the desired result will be achieved.

How should I store left-over tooth whitening gel?

If you have any syringes of gel left over after achieving your desired tooth shade, it is best to store the remaining syringes in the fridge.

The gel and trays can be used at a later date should you wish to do a quick ‘touch-up’ tooth whitening.

It is not necessary to store the gels in the fridge during the period when you are doing the tooth whitening.

How should I care for the tooth whitening trays?

Always rinse the trays out with cold water after each tooth whitening session.   Leave them in the provided container to air-dry.

Never use hot water to rinse the trays or dry them with any source of heat.