Tooth Development Chart

This excellent atlas illustrates the various stages to tooth development.

Diagrams were drawn to represent monthly dental development in the last trimester, 2 weeks around a full gestation (40 weeks) birth, quarterly development for the first year of life, and yearly development thereafter.

Please bear in mind that these diagrams represent averages.  Any particular child might not match the various stages depicted in the tooth development atlas.

Fig. 6. Atlas of human tooth development and eruption. The arrow indicates the starting point. The dentine is presented in gray for deciduous teeth and in green for permanent.  















Nappy Collective



From 14 -28 October 2016, our practice will once again be a collection point for the Nappy Collective.

The Nappy Collective is a wonderful organisation, collecting surplus nappies for distribution to people who have great difficulty accessing nappies.

So far, 1.7 MILLION nappies have been collected and distributed to people who need them – a truly amazing achievement.

If you have, or know someone who has, nappies they no longer need, please drop them off at the practice.

More information about the collective can be found on


Coeliac Disease – Tooth, Tongue and Cheek Problems

In 2009 a study was conducted, the first study of it’s type, to see if there was a correlation between Coeliac Disease and a variety of problems that manifested in the teeth and other areas of the mouth. This study was published in The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in 2009 and concluded that there was a link, Read more

Sports Drinks – Damaging Your Teeth?

Sports Drinks – A healthy choice or damaging teeth?

As summer approaches, there are going to be more athletes, young and old, looking for ways to quench the thirst brought about by exercise.

Many people believe the marketing hype that claims that ‘sports drinks’ help performance and are necessary to replace minerals lost through sweating.  The reality is that most people, other than elite and endurance sportspeople, don’t require drinks to replenish minerals lost in sweat.

That raises the question of there being any reason why all sportspeople should not use ‘sports drinks’.  There certainly is! Read more

25 YEARS!!!

On May 1, 2014, Deb Egelton and Dr Ken Lipworth celebrated twenty five years of working together.  Quite a milestone!


Cerec Machine

The Amazing Cerec


CEREC® restorations are most commonly used to replace old, large fillings that have failed, are fractured or have decay around them.
Regular composite resin fillings are more suited to smaller cavities, where there is still sufficient tooth structure intact to support the filling.
For larger restorations, or where teeth have cracks, ceramic (porcelain) restorations provide a far more durable and predictable result. Ceramic restorations need to made outside the mouth (indirect restorations) as opposed to fillings that are built up in the mouth (direct restorations).

Read more