Splint Therapy

Splints are used to treat and manage a number of conditions.

  • Bruxing (grinding)
  • TMJ (joint) pain
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Muscle pain

Two types of splints are used:

Splints can be made to fit either jaw.  We will determine which jaw is most suitable based on the size, shape and position of your teeth

Full-arch (Michigan) splints

are the most commonly prescribed form of splint.  In this design of splint, all the teeth in the opposing arch are in contact with the splint.  This helps to protect the teeth and restorations from the forces of excessive grinding that often happens while sleeping.  Michigan splints are also used in the treatment of joint and muscle pain.

Splints can be fitted to either the top or bottom teeth.

At the first appointment we take upper and lower impressions, from which models are made.  The models are sent to the dental laboratory, where the splint is made.   A few days later, at the second appointment, the splint is refined to match the way your teeth fit together.


An NTI is a small plastic device that patients wear at night while sleeping.

We primarily prescribe NTIs for patient who suffer from migraines.  In some cases we use them to treat bruxing and clenching even if there is no migraine component.

Fitting an NTI is a single visit procedure.

For excellent information about the NTI, please visit the NTI Patient Information website.